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Modlettes is just in time (JIT) elearning like you haven’t see it before. Easy to build and easy to consume, perfect for any business who needs to train people or share information quickly and easily.

Modlettes is a content creation and consumption tool, allowing anyone on their mobile phone through to a desktop computer to create content, then share it and view it. It is incredibly easy to use, and does not require training like most elearning content creation software.

It is perfect for any organisation who wishes to distribute content for training, marketing, promotion or announcement. It’s awesome.

Solid platform, built for scale

A fully responsive, multi-tenanted web application, Modlettes is geared for the world of today. It is built on the Symfony framework, solid and dependable, an excellent platform for the future. Using among the best of open source tools, it works on all modern browsers and devices allowing use anywhere and everywhere.


We are using the scalable Amazon Web Services cloud to store images through their fast simple storage service (S3) and run the app within an auto-scaling server arrangement. Modlettes are set to scale around the world, why not sign up today to this smart and easy to use software-as-a-service?


Technologies used in this project include:


High level features include:

  • Entirely responsive public and private site
  • Login and registration systems
  • Password reset processes
  • Multi channel system, allowing users to have multiple channels
  • Wildcard subdomain support, allowing any channel to have it’s own subdomain
  • Administration system and reporting
  • Modlette creator with support for the creation of reading pages, document downloads, video, audio, images, quizzes and slide decks
  • Quizzes with support for learning and test modes
  • VimeoPro integration for private, professionally hosted HD videos
  • Drag and drop file upload support
  • “What you see is what you get” content editor
  • Helpful hints
  • Email systems
  • Trial period module
  • Channel management, owner and manager
  • Viewer access
  • Permissions system
  • Responsive public website


This project that allows people to create engaging content, where they can learn only what you need to learn and is very easy to use, is a great example of the type of partnership we have with our clients. We research their world, understand their vision, embrace it (or help improve it if we’re not convinced) and then help turn it into a reality. What a great journey and only just starting.

Modlettes — application, retention, engagement, completion. This type of project requires all of these things through close collaboration and the results speak for themselves. If you’re keen to discuss a project with us, please do contact us.

"I have the biggest grin on my face looking at the work we have done together"
Robyn Viljoen, co-founder and elearning specialist, Modlettes

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