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Mainstream provides high quality freight forwarding, transport and line haul solutions throughout New Zealand as the domestic freight division of a wider integrated supply chain management company. Their national road transport network provides reliable pick-up and delivery services for thousands of items across New Zealand every day.


Android on Samsung tablets

We have built an Android app targeting Samsung tablets Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Tab A 9.7, used by over 100 truck drivers, and integrating with their internal technology systems via API (integration interface).

Thoughtful user experience design has gone into each and every screen, making it easy for use by truck drivers.



High level features include:

  • Job listings and drag/drop ordering
  • Accept/request (with reasons)
  • Instructions and notes
  • Consignment management including adding
  • Login and password reset functionality
  • Integration into Mainstream back office systems
  • Push notifications
  • Deployments to all devices
"This app is great, making the lives of our truck drivers and administrators so much better. Can't wait to roll out more features."
Michael Scarlett, IT Manager, Mainstream