Luxury Holiday Houses

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Luxury Holiday Houses

Sophisticated travel ecommerce

Amazing Accom is built from the ground up for luxury holiday house owners and property managers.

Amazing Accom are experts in worldwide luxury holiday rentals, and specialise in safe, fast and easy online bookings for luxury holiday houses, villas and apartments. They are renown in their niche and provide a high level of customer service.

Luxury holiday houses demand a high level of excellence from the photography, presentation, attention to detail and ease to book. We have crafted from scratch an ecommerce experience with countless moving parts and exceptions to the rule to avoid bothering customers, that make this web application extremely powerful for the admin, customer and property owner or manager.

FourthMedia has been intricately involved in the ideation, branding, design, user-experience, prototyping, software engineering, database and system design, server setup and management, and continual agile development.

Relax back in the spa and let us explain.

Automated, powerful, fast

Using Symfony as the underpinning framework, each business process is mapped and automated to a high level. This makes life much easier for everyone involved, from booking to listing a new property, or reporting on sales and payment history.

The web application has numerous powerful features that work quickly for the user, yet query thousands of properties and database fields to provide the best ranking of properties to the guest. Extensive caching work, yet keeping the website real-time, has gone into the project and optimisation for speed is a paramount focus.

Everything on this website we have built from the search, property listing and detail page, exchange rate support from a third party, currency support, booking details and payment gateway, tracking and emails, live help chat and a fully responsive website frontend, coupled with powerful administration areas.

Building a web application such as this has taken over 10,000 hours across 5 years. We are proud to continue to grow and support this luxury web application.

Luxury Holiday Houses

Technologies used in this project include:


High level features include:

  • Complex property search engine, optimised for speed
  • Availability and ranking
  • Amazing Deals smarts
  • Advanced pricing, multi-night, seasonal, extras
  • Availability management including blockouts
  • Features and filters, advanced search
  • Adding and editing property listings
  • Tax invoice generation
  • Payment Express payment gateway integration
  • POLi payment by bank transfer integration
  • Automated emails for payment completion
  • Deposit and final payment schedules
  • Property ecommerce flow, cart, checkout and confirmation pages
  • Media gallery with image and video support
  • Google Adwords, Analytics tracking
  • Location detection
  • Accounts for property managers and booking customers
  • Google Maps integration
  • Review (rating and feedback) system and emails
  • Reporting for admins
  • Administration area
  • SSL encryption
  • Travel Agency white label option
  • MailChimp integration
  • Exchange rates and currency support
  • Integrations into ResOnline
  • API support and documentation
  • Responsive live help chat
  • Server setup and maintenance on Amazon Web Services
  • Memcached caching system
Luxury Holiday Houses

Integrated, industry solution

Integrated with ResOnline Channel Manager and soon Booking Pal, Amazing Accom is a full solution for any luxury holiday house provider, and we are actively working at extending the reach with marketing and partner relationships.

FourthMedia works closely with Amazing Accom to develop and implement features, and with 5 years working together, we maintain the website and work together to plan, design and develop new features.

Do you have a business to streamline and automate online? We would love to talk.

"FourthMedia partners with us to provide a smooth digital and ecommerce experience for our customers across a very complex web application. The automation is stunning."
Rudi Bosman

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