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3 Wise Men

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3 Wise Men sell shirts and lots of them. They need an ecommerce platform that does everything it needs to, without distracting them from selling more shirts.

We have put together the right mix of technologies and smarts to craft it all together whenever the entire 3 Wise Men database (they have a lot of friends) is told of the latest offer and all rush in or we need to talk to point-of-sale systems to ensure we have the latest shirt Dave ordered.


Magento is a feature-rich open source ecommerce platform that offers a high level of control and flexibility. Magento’s search engine optimisation, product catalog management and powerful marketing tools gives the ability to create sites that provide an ultimate shopping experience for customers.


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High speed, high security

We have built up considerable expertise in building responsive Magento websites, and making them scale for high traffic. We are used by other leading ecommerce companies for our expertise in server configuration of Magento, and know more than our fair share of tricks.

Security is monitored carefully and promotions measured. We keep a close eye on Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to assist in fine tuning the user experience and work closely with senior management at 3 Wise Men to respond to any issues as they arise. Real user monitoring is in place to ensure users are happy.

For 3 Wise Men we integrate with their point-of-sale provider Kudos to ensure stock levels are managed. We use Payment Express for handling New Zealand and Australian currency over Visa and Mastercard.

3 Wise Men

Technologies used in this project include:

3 Wise Men

Key retail touchpoint

3 Wise Men deliver a high quality product, and their website is at least as important as one of their stores, an important touchpoint to direct traffic into the bricks and mortar stores, as well as making wallets lighter online too.

Throughout every touchpoint of the website from checkout to emails received, the brand essence is revealed in sound bites and good service. We like to partner as closely as possible with our clients, and 3 Wise Men have named a few shirts after team members already. Long may it continue.

Web design of 3 Wise Men has been handled by Ghost Street and brand strategy work by Assignment Group, nice one guys!

"Thanks guys for the awesome service and effort. Very proud of the site."
Mark Saltiel, Ecommerce Manager, 3 Wise Men

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