About Us

FourthMedia delivers innovative digital experiences with effective communication, focusing on real-world users and our clients, acting with respect and honesty as a team while having fun and continuously learning.

Telco FourthMedia Limited

FourthMedia is here to streamline the way organisations run, using digital technologies to add value, help businesses grow, streamline business processes and maintain websites, applications, social media and mobile apps.

Founded in 2002, FourthMedia works with organisations in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. We have clear processes for working with clients locally or remotely.

We are a team of 20 people, including customer-facing and strategic consultants, project managers, designers, developers, server administrator and security consultants. We regularly work with high quality contractors we know to scale should there be the need.

Telco FourthMedia is part of the Telco Group of companies including Telco Asset Management, originally part of Telecom. Telco Asset Management offers premium property services to numerous corporates and government agencies.

We’ve built a reputation for projects that run smoothly and work that challenges the boundaries of the web. That’s why we’re often asked to take charge of larger digital marketing and software projects.

Our expertise with bespoke development, custom e-commerce, software integration and asy-to-use content management systems means we can create online tools to streamline administration, smooth customers’ path-to-purchase, automate business processes and make it easy to keep your digital project fresh and effective.

We love building websites, web applications and mobile projects that make your life easier, whether that’s with a fully automated version of a business process or a user-friendly promotional site.

Incorporated   2 April 2002   |   Company number   1195373


Brooke Fitness Chief Operating Officer BCom (Ecommerce & Marketing)
The University of Auckland
Brooke brings strategic oversight and manages all operations. He is personable, has a vast depth of technical knowledge and loves to help people. He founded Webfit, merging with FourthMedia in 2014, and brings an innovative, entrepreneurial attitude to all FourthMedia does.

Brooke has previously worked for The University of Auckland as a web developer, and owner-managed a successful server, domain and hosting company with multiple marketplace brands.
Deon Metcalf Digital Project Manager National Higher Diploma for Technicians (Elec Eng)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Deon has over 15 years of professional experience in website and software development, mobile apps, web hosting and web infrastructure as a company director focusing on client management, business analysis and project management.   Deon has extensive experience in the Information Technology and electricity supply sector, having managed projects for a variety of organisations, productions and engineering teams.



Web Design & Development

The digital world has power to achieve results and we know the complexities well. We love building websites and web applications across desktop to mobile that make your life easier, whether that’s with a fully automated version of a business process or a user-friendly marketing site.


Digital Strategy

Think big. Our business level and technical digital strategy dives into where value can be best created, asking lots of questions, bringing our extensive experience to the table, and partnering with you to help bring it all to life. Take a step back and contact us to talk.


Mobile Apps

Mobile has the powerful potential to reach into your customers world right where they are, right when they need you. We develop for Apple and Android devices, taking care to put the users experience first and keep the mobile apps updated and effective.



Our experience with off-the-shelf (Magento, Shopify) and custom ecommerce platforms, software integration and easy-to-use admin areas means we can create online tools to streamline administration, smooth customers’ path-to-purchase, automate business processes and make it easy to keep your ecommerce website fresh and effective.


Server Management & Security

We have extensive experience in building and managing servers for our clients, installing and maintaining exactly the right technology set required at affordable ongoing pricing. With all of our developments we take security seriously, and are available for auditing or security hardening any digital project.


Software as a Service

We live in the Software as a Service (SaaS) era, entire businesses running from the cloud and providing scalable value. We are best showcased within the complexity and fast-paced world of building advanced and custom SaaS projects using a wide ranges of technologies, in an agile approach.

Technologies we use

Apple Developer
Microsoft .NET
“FourthMedia combines technical smarts with great communication, which makes working with them a pleasure. They partner with you to deliver stunning results.”

Looking for Webfit or Netactive?

Webfit merged with FourthMedia in 2014 and
Netactive was acquired by FourthMedia in 2015.


webfit                   netactive


Both Brooke and Deon continue to work with
FourthMedia to deliver a high level of excellence
and it is business as usual.